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Well howdy, folks, it's been a while yet again. Figured I'd post on here while I searched for a good Magnus/Alec trope to write while I've got some downtime. I've graduated university (am now a qualified social worker! Yeah!) and I'm about two weeks away from heading to Europe to see my dad and take in the sights.

I recently had a bit of a funny situation with fandom. It wasn't anything bad - quite the opposite, really - but it really made me think about how far I've come since first joining fandom back in 2002. It's interesting seeing how fanfic has changed from then until now, and even within the same fandoms. Take the BBC Sherlock fandom for instance. I remember when it first came out and how exciting it was. There were the classic fanfics in the fandom (MadLori, anyone?), and it's good to see how well these stand up some seven years later. The interesting part is how much I've changed since first reading these fics, and the fact that they're still relevant - and my participation in fandom is still relevant. It just gave me food for thought and I thought I'd write it somewhere that wasn't tumblr.

Anyway, off to find that trope. If anyone has any interesting tropes that they'd like to read, please let me know.
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