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I'm so glad that sites like dreamwidth and livejournal are still hanging around. As great as tumblr is - and trust me, I still do spend most of my time there - sometimes it's just nice to blog somewhere where you're still vaguely anonymous.

Anyway, that's not what I wanted to write about.

What I wanted to write about was writing. Or, more specifically, the fact that I actually feel like writing something for the first time in what basically feels like forever. Only problem is, I have literally no idea what to write or which pairing to write it about. Part of me feels like writing Ethan/Victor Penny Dreadful type stuff but I don't feel like I'm deep enough into either of their heads yet in order to do any kind of story justice. That, and I was snooping around the Penny Dreadful kink meme and I couldn't find anything that particularly caught my eye.

I suppose I'm just feeling rather lost now that I don't have Sims 3 with me anymore. It glitched the other day and all my reinstallation discs are back home, 2 states away. There goes years of simming and many accompanying generations of sims, ha ha ha. /cries


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